Plans for new apartments in unfinished Tuam buildings

Galway Daily news Approval given to turn unfinished Tuam buildings into apartments

Planning permission is being sought to take two half-completed structures in Tuam, idle for almost 15 years, and finish building them as apartments.

Whitedrive Developments were first granted planning permission for the buildings at Parkmore, Tuam, which were originally intended to serve as commercial units, in June of 2006.

However, due to financial difficulties, all construction work came to a halt in 2007, and the structures have been left partially completed since then.

“There have been numerous attempts to sell the structures and to complete the development, but there is little commercial interest in this site,” the planning application states.

The developer is now seeking approval to complete the buildings for residential use, with a total of eight apartments planned.

When completed, the two blocks would contain four apartments each, two at the ground floor, and two on the first floor.

“Since the development is partially constructed, the site is already serviced with public water and public on site since 2006.”

“The development is an opportunity to make good a brownfield site and revert to residential use.”

“The buildings have been designed within the constraints of the existing structures, in order to make sure there is value with the existing construction.”

A decision is due on this planning application from Galway County Council by September 30.