Planning application made for 165 homes in Ballinasloe

Galway Daily news Planning refused for large scale residential development in Ballinasloe

Planning permission is being sought for the construction a large residential development of 165 houses and apartments in Ballinasloe.

A planning application has been made by Limehill Esker to An Bord Pleanála for a Strategic Housing Development at Dunlo & Pollboy, Ballinasloe.

The 6.6ha site is to the south of the town centre, and directly south of the Tesco supermarket.

The housing will comprise 32 two-bed, semi-detached houses, 27 three-bed terraced units in blocks of three, along with 14 three-storey apartment buildings, with a total of 106 apartments & duplexes.

Apartment Block A1 & A2 will each have 1 one-bed apartments, 6 two-bed apartments, 1 three-bed apartment, and 6 three-bed duplexes.

Blocks B1 to B3 and B6 to B13 inclusive will each have 1 one-bed apartment, 1 two-bed apartment, 2 two-bed duplexes, and 2 three-bed duplexes.

Blocks B4 & B4 will 1 one-bed apartment, 1 two-bed apartment, 1 two-bed duplex, and 2 three-bed duplexes.

An Architectural Design Statement for the plans states that the estate has been laid out in  a compact and sustainable urban design pattern, which respects the existing site features.

It also states that the layout has been designed to ensure that permeability is maintained across the site for people travelling through the area, and to ensure future connectivity with the town centre.

The estate will have a total of 281 car parking spaces, with 163 spaces designated for the apartments, and 118 within the curtilage of the houses.

A response from Limehill Esker’s to their initial consultation with An Bord Pleanála states that, though 65.5% of the lands were rezoned from Residential (Phase 1) to Residential (Phase 2) in the new county development, which came into effect this summer, it is still justified.

It states that this land is one of the most substantial in close proximity to the town centre, can be easily connected to existing services, and would be consistent with phased development of the area.

The site layout would see the housing laid out in four main sectors, with public open space within each cluster.

A larger landscaped park area will be located at the north east end of the site, including a children’s playground.

The architectural statement says that the layout provides good interconnectivity with the main roadway, and the park to the east.

“The placement of all public open spaces at central locations of the development is proposed to achieve a balanced high quality solution.”

“These public open spaces are are interlinked within the development with the large public park and are designed to be accessible for all residents and the wider community.”

This case is due to be decided by An Bord Pleanála by December 20 of this year.

All documents, plans, and reports associated with this proposed development can be found at: