4 Considerations To Keep In Mind When Renting A House in Galway

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When renting a house, there are some unique factors that mean you need different considerations from apartment rentals. 

These factors can determine if a house is the best option for you if you are looking to rent in Galway. Below are four crucial things that you should keep in mind when opting to rent.

  1. Utility Bills

The costs of renting an apartment might be inclusive of the utility bills. Still, you may find the rental house has an individual utility account whose monthly bills are independent of the rent.

Moreover, the utility costs can differ depending on factors like your need for air conditioning, heating, and hot water. That is why it is best to review the tenancy lease to know which utilities you will be paying for and which the landlord will cover.

  1. Garden Maintenance

Renting a house is also an opportunity for you and your family to enjoy the pleasures of having a garden. However, it is a perk that comes with responsibilities that ensure the place looks clean and presentable.

That means routine landscaping and other lawn upkeep tasks. You must mow the grass, get rid of weeds, water the grass and plants, care for garden items and trim the bushes.

Check to confirm if the tenancy contract specifies who is responsible for the yard maintenance, is it you or the landlord?  If you are responsible, you also will be tasked with caring for the walkway and driveway. If you’re still interested, then look here to try 

  1. Pets

Pets are family, and thus it is hard to leave them behind or send them to an animal shelter when moving house. But owning one also comes with the need to ensure your rental home allows tenants to have pets. Furthermore, you should confirm the rental provides enough space for your pet to roam freely. 

Some places that let tenants keep pets might still put rules regarding which type of animals are allowed and could charge you additional monthly fees. Such stipulations also vary from landlord to landlord.

It is best to look for a house with a backyard where your pet will have plenty of free space for paying. Go through the lease to verify the terms and conditions of having pets.

  1. Parking

It is wise to find out if the house you wish to rent provides a space for parking your car, and this is also subject to how many vehicles you own. Where are the parking spots located? It also is something worth finding out because people in rental apartments might park in a basement parking lot, on the street, or in a garage (with an additional fee). Renting a home in the suburbs might have you parking in the driveway or a garage adjacent to the main house.

For many people commuting by foot or even via bicycle can be a good way to get around and can be equally as quick as doing so via car or even public transport. These are worthy considerations if renting in Galway

The four issues mentioned above are a few of the many issues that stand out, differentiating the costs and responsibilities of renting a house compared to an apartment.

Other noteworthy factors are privacy, living space, and storage. Overall, your budget and the terms and conditions in the lease, and the local and state laws will also be vital issues that should inform your decision to rent a house.