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Housing development in Renmore rejected

A planning application for new housing in Galway city has been rejected.

The city council refused plans for the demolition of an existing bungalow and the construction of three new homes in its place in Renmore.

The proposed development consisted of three two-storey townhouses on the Renmore road.

Other works to be done on the site would have included reworking the vehicle entrance and garden development for the three homes.

The council received multiple submissions objecting to the proposed development, in particular looking at the car parking space included, the density of the site, and the loss of trees.

One objector said that a multi-unit development replacing a single bungalow on the site was out of character with the Renmore Road area.

They added that the plot density was also in excess of the maximum plot ratio of the city development plan.

The city council denied developers permission to proceed with the project.

Briain Kelly
Email: news@galwaydaily.com
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