Historic Tuam library renovation proceeds after years of delays

Galway Daily news Work to start next month on Tuam Intreo Centre

The historic Tuam library building will be getting a major revamp this year after sitting empty for nearly a decade.

The Commission of Public Works has been granted planning permission to renovate and refurbish the historic library building on Shop Street in Tuam.

The building has been empty since 2010 and efforts to renovate it over the years have faced legal issues.

Planning permission was previously granted under the Part 8 process, but Chief State Solicitors Office decided this wasn’t appropriate.

A fresh application was lodged by the CPW which has now been approved by the county council.

The project will see extensive restoration work done to the historic fabric of the library, and renovations to make it an office space.

On the outside facade conservation works will be done on the wrought iron gate and historic window.

The existing cement fascia panels will be removed to reveal the original sandstone and brickwork design which will be restored.

Other external works include the replacement of multiple non-historic windows and skylights, the removal of a chimney, and the infill of a rear emergency escape.

A new entrance will be created leading to the laneway.

Inside the library work that needs to be done includes demolishing the stairs to make way for modern public areas, offices and other facilities.

This library renovations are intended to “reinstate the historic of this building and reinforce its place within the Tuam Architectural Conservation Area”.

An qualified archaeologist is required to be on site for the duration of the works to assess any potential items of archaeological interest uncovered during the renovation.

Planning permission was granted by the county council with a total of six conditions attached.