Heaps of praise for Galway’s heroic ‘Army of Volunteers’

galway daily volunteers

A heartfelt tribute has been paid to community organisations and volunteers in Galway providing invaluable assistance to those in need during the emergency.

Community Champion Steve Dolan praised everyone involved in the heroic county-wide effort, and said that Galway stands as ‘a beacon’ to other counties in terms of the initiatives set up to help people in the crisis.

Central to these efforts, Dolan said, is the ‘army of volunteers on the ground’ across the county.

“Galway has never seen anything like this before – the teamwork, particularly among volunteers has been remarkable,” said Steve Dolan.

“The linkages between organisations, old and newly-formed, and the work being done across the county with those who are struggling with the isolation, employment, or other issues has been inspiring.

“Galway stands as a beacon to other counties in terms of the initiatives being undertaken.”

Dolan said DEASP-funded schemes are deserving of special praise.

“Every day the Rural Social Scheme and Tús Participants, and indeed their Supervisors, are out delivering groceries and medication, checking-in on the isolated, providing meals on wheels, printing-off and delivering the revenue and hardship forms, and more. It’s just remarkable.”