Sinn Féin demands action to address issues at UHG

Galway Daily news

Sinn Féin in Galway East has demanded action to address waiting lists and overcrowding at University Hospital Galway after reports that an extremely challenging winter lies ahead for the hospital.

The party’s representative Louis O’Hara said that IT modernisation and implementing an integrated waiting list management system with a centralised referral system are ‘no-brainers’.

He said the pandemic has taught us that the health service is ‘not fit for purpose’.

“Worrying reports of overcrowding in UCHG in recent weeks and warnings of a very tough winter ahead for the hospital confirm this.

“Hospital patients are waiting longer than ever. Over 900,000 people across the country are on some form of health waiting list.

“Workers are burned out and are the thread keeping our health services together.”

O’Hara said that we must address accessibility and affordability of healthcare if we are to tackle waiting lists and overcrowding.

“That means more beds and staff, an expansion of theatre capacity for more operations, and investment in diagnostic equipment which is readily available.

“Delivering an Irish National Health Service means expanding universal primary care, removing private healthcare from public hospitals, and ensuring the health service can meet the health needs of the population.

“The Government must also set out a timeframe for delivering an integrated waiting list management system with a centralised referral system.”

He added that building an Irish National Health Service, based on modern health systems, is ‘essential for tackling waiting lists and delivering affordable and accessible health care’.