Replacement CT scanner at Portiuncula Hospital to be in use by summer

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Building works are at an advanced stage to accommodate a replacement CT scanner at Portiuncula University Hospital.
The confirmation came at this week’s Regional Health Forum following a question submitted by Forum Member Cllr Evelyn Parsons.
After repeatedly raising concerns regarding recurrent breakdowns in service of the original CT scanner, Cllr Parsons welcomed confirmation that the new CT will be ready for operational use by the end of July 2022.
A temporary CT scanner is provided on-site meantime to ensure seamless continuity of care.
“I’ve pressed for a completion date for installation of this crucial CT scanner equipment, so I welcome news that the replacement CT scanner will be operational from July to serve diagnostic and disease management needs of patients attending PUH,” said Cllr Parsons.
“I acknowledge also that the current construction represents a permanent expansion of radiology space.”
Cllr Parsons said that she inserted a specific policy objective in the draft Galway County Development Plan to recognise the importance of Portiuncula University Hospital as the main hospital in the county, outside of UHG.
“I believe these works underscore additional investment in Portiuncula’s building structure crucially to ensure its future development, but most importantly to continue to deliver highest standards of diagnostic and quality care to patients,” said Cllr Parsons.