Top 5 Rarest Items in World of Warcraft


MMORPGs are known to be the most addictive gaming genre in the world and for the very right reasons. People scout game deals just to get the best pricing for the right game and start playing.

Players spend thousands of hours playing their favorite MMO title for years and that is something that makes the game so strong and the in-game economy even more strong.

And I can’t think of a better MMO title than the all-time classic world of warcraft that has one of the strongest and most valuable in-game economies in the gaming market. This is why some of the in-game items are so rare to get your hands on, players often end up spending millions of wow coins just to get them.

With more and more items making their way into the magical realm of WoW, it’s hard to figure out what items are the rarest. So here is a list of the top 5 rarest items in World of Warcraft in 2022!

Miner’s Hat 

The very first item on this list takes us to the depths of the mines, it’s a miner’s hat that has a candlelit up on top of it. The candle, while looking pretty cool, also happens to light up the dark parts of the cave. This one is pretty rare to get your hands on but not as rare as the other items on the list.

But you need to pay a visit to Uldaman and fight the mob down there, they all have kinda equal chances of dropping this rare item if you are lucky enough. This hat is part of the Vanilla expansion with a pretty low drop rate.

Xorothian Firestick

The next item on this list literally the definition of hard-to-get as the players from Shadowlands can not really get this item in the game. This Firestick was introduced back in the Vanilla expansion in WoW classic as part of a quest for the Warlocks and when the quest was over, this item became a rare piece of history that players wanted to get their hands on.

Destroyer of Worlds, Zin’rokh

Now for the next item, you have to spend hundreds or even thousands of hours in the game. This stunningly beautifully sword is a pretty rare piece in world of warcraft and in order to get this, you need to have at least 450 level in Archeology.

In order to acquire this rare piece, you need to solve troll Archaeology puzzles, which are quite a challenge even for seasoned players. This is why Zin’rokh is considered to be one of the rarest items in the game that only a few have had a chance to own.

Rhinestone Sunglasses

Let’s gear up to talk about one of the coolest items that you can acquire in the game, Rhinestone Sunglasses. These shiny shades are super rare to get with a drop rate as low as 0.01%. And the player has to be a jewelcrafter in order to grind for these bad boys. 

In order to get these, you will have to fight your way through the mobs in Cataclysm or the Mists of Pandaria. But then again with such a low drop rate, you will be in for a very long grind.

Love Rocket

Last but definitely not least, we have the rarest item in World of Warcraft, that is so rare that players could only get a chance to find one of these bad boys in the “Love is in the Air” event on Valentine’s day. The drop rate for this love rocket is considered to be as low as 0.003%. 

Only the very lucky or the extremely try-hard players could get a chance to get their hands on this shiny rocket. And it makes sense since this is definitely one of a kind item in the game that is just extremely rare.

With that, we have reached the end of our list for the 5 rarest items in world of warcraft that are super hard to acquire. And since the dawn of the new year is upon us, we are definitely going to see some more rare items making their way into the game.