Public urged to get vaccines amid rise in Winter viruses

Galway Daily news Over 44,000 vaccinations carried out at Galway Racecourse in 2022

The Department of Health is advising people in Galway to make sure they’re topped up on their flu and COVID-19 vaccines this Winter.

There has has been a rise in the level of respiratory virus circling in the community, health data shows, and this is expected to get worse over Christmas.

The Public Health team for the West and Northwest says that in just a week there were  376 new COVID-19 cases; 206 new influenza cases; and 84 new RSV cases recorded in the region.

These were the highest levels of flu and COVID-19 recorded in a single week since the start of flu season to date.

Dr Regina Kiernan, Consultant in Public Health Medicine at Public Health Area F, said: “We are seeing very high levels of respiratory viruses including flu, COVID-19 and RSV circulating in the community.”

“Infection with these viruses can be serious and can also lead to bacterial infections as well.”

“We want everyone to keep well while protecting the most vulnerable parts of our population this winter.”

“We are asking everyone to ensure that they are up to date with their COVID-19 or flu vaccines.”

A significant increase in the number of cases of the three viruses mentioned above is expected following Christmas celebrations.

Those among vulnerable populations are particularly being urged to get their jabs.

For information on how to book your COVID-19 or flu vaccine, visit the HSE website or call the HSELive team on 1800 700 700.