NUIG leading international trial on new heart disease treatment

Galway Daily news NUIG leading international trial on new heart disease treatment

Galway researchers are sponsoring an international effort to break new ground in treating patients with heart disease.

The  PIONEER-IV trial aims to study how the use of a newly patented Healing-Targeted Supreme Stent can improve patients’ quality of life.

This research is a collaboration between NUIG’s CORRIB Research Centre for Advanced Imaging and Core Laboratory, and international medical device company SINOMED.

It will make use of SINOMED’s novel, drug-eluting Healing-Targeted Supreme Stent, which is designed to encourage rapid healing of the treated blood vessel, thereby potentially reducing reliance on some long-term medications such as blood thinners.

Professor Faisal Sharif, head of the trial in Ireland, said “We are delighted to translate novel devices such as HT Supreme stents for Irish patients.”

“The trial will also allow us to perform assessment on blood vessel narrowing with new and safer software that establishes the absolute necessity to treat that coronary artery stenosis.”

“New devices and technologies, like offered in this trial, allow us to constantly improve the standard of care for our patients by making interventions safer with better clinical outcomes.”

Patients will be considered for the trial if they suffer any type of coronary heart disease, including acute heart attack, chronic complaints or blood vessel narrowing.

Deputy chairman of the trial, Professor Yoshi Onuma said “The hope is that this trial will simplify the treatment for patients undergoing stent implantation of diseased blood vessels.”

He added that it could also offer other benefits to patients when coupled with the shorter duration of time they will have to take blood thinners.

Dr Jianhua Sun, Chief Executive of SINOMED said “We are honoured to be working with the prestigious thought leaders at NUI Galway in searching for a better and safer strategy for treating patients.”

“We believe that our HT Supreme, coupled with an optimal treatment strategy can make a big impact in bringing a greater benefit to patients.”