Epilepsy is more than seizures – Self care through self compassion with Dr. Emily Pathe

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International Epilepsy Day is today, Monday 8th February and this year’s theme is that Epilepsy is ‘more than seizures’.

Epilepsy is the most common neurological disorder in Ireland. This year, join Dr Emily Pathe – a Galway native who is a specialist Clinical Psychologist working with the NHS in Scotland. Dr Pathe has over ten years’ experience in the field of mental health.

Emily practices therapeutically with individuals and groups across a variety of settings – including services for young people, adult mental health, specialist trauma services and support to people experiencing homelessness.

There are serious issues surrounding mental health and wellbeing, and self care can be challenging for people with epilepsy – particularly when the condition is uncontrolled.

We would like to encourage all persons with epilepsy and their family members to engage.

Through our special event and the expertise of Dr. Pathe, you will be guided and advised about these topics through the overall theme of ‘Self Care through Self Compassion’.

If this event is of interest to you or someone you know, see details below on how to register.

We look forward to welcoming you to the event on the night and should you have any further questions, please contact our Community Resource Officer, Edel Killarney at ekillarney@epilepsy.ie.

WHEN: Wednesday 10th February, 7pm | WHERE: Your home, via Zoom!

Please come and Join in with the Community.