Delays expected in emergency departments over Bank Holiday weekend

galway daily news UHG is the third most overcrowded hospital in the country today

The HSE is urging people to stay safe over the Bank Holiday weekend, with delays expected at emergency departments.

In a statement issued today, the HSE said that Emergency Departments continue to be extremely busy, and asks people to consider options such as injury units.

This will keep EDs available for people who truly need urgent and emergency care.

“Emergency Departments (EDs) continue to be extremely busy with high numbers of patients attending who require admission.”

“This means that patients who attend EDs for routine and non-urgent treatment will experience very long waiting times.”

“It is really important that people who do require emergency care are encouraged to attend EDs where they will be prioritised. Please dial 999 or 112 for emergency care if there is concern for serious illness or injury.”

“The HSE regrets that patients will face significant delays and asks everyone to help our staff at this time by considering other options for non-emergency care such as Injury Units, Out of Hours GP and pharmacies before attending an ED.”

Injury units treat injuries that are not life-threatening, such as broken bones, dislocations, sprains, wounds, scalds and minor burns.

Details of Injury Unit locations and what they can and cannot treat are on

Due to a number of COVID-19 outbreaks in hospitals around the county, some access to visitors may be restricted and people are advised to check in advance if planning to visit a family member in hospital over the weekend.