Health Minister slams ‘disgusting’ new anti-abortion posters

sion harris on disgusting pro-life posters galway daily news

Minister for Health Simon Harris has criticised disgusting posters which appeared overnight which show his face in front of what appears to be an aborted foetus.

Minister Harris said: “They are very upsetting posters. They’re upsetting for my family. They’re upsetting for anyone who would have seen them today.

“They’re upsetting for any parent bringing their child out and about today, driving by the most horrific images.s that have been put on posters.”

He described the posters as ‘unethical’ and ‘wrong’.

The posters were put up around the Fine Gael TD’s office and have since been removed.

Today marks the final day for people to register to vote in the referendum which will take place in just over two weeks.