Green light for new CT Suite at Portiuncula Hospital

galway daily news Green light for new CT Suite at Portiuncula Hospital

Planning permission has been granted for the retention, and completion, of a new CT Suite at Portiuncula Hospital in Ballinasloe.

The HSE has been given the green light by the county council to retain work done in the undercroft of the hospital to provide a new CT Suite, and to finish the works.

The undercroft in question was formed in the year 2000, when new operating theatres and an endoscopy department were built at the ground floor of Portiuncula Hospital.

It was chosen for the new CT Suite due to being easily accessible from outside; providing a level and fully accessible facility, and that a new lift and stairs can be located next to it.

The need for a new CT suite had been identified as a “critical medical requirement” for the hospital, and work began during the COVID pandemic based on this.

The new CT scanner arrived at the hospital in August of this year, after repeated breakdowns of the older scanning machine.

A design statement for the application said, “The urgency of the project due to the critical medical requirements of the hospital has required a proactive response in the delivery of the new facility”.

“We believe a rational solution to the Hospital’s expansion requirements has been provided and that bringing forward this phase of work will allow subsequent phases to take place with minimal impact on hospital activities.”

Planning permission for the development was granted by the county council with six standard conditions attached.