Gardaí warn that forged money scams on the rise

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The Garda Síochána Western Region has warned that the number of scams involving forged money in the west is going up.

“A high number of euro notes of all denominations are being offered by criminals to shop staff and at other points of sale,” a garda spokesperson said of the forged money circulating.

These notes are of a very high quality and look almost perfect. They even pass the security marker test.”

“The best way to identify these notes is to run them through an electronic money counter or place them under ultra violet light”.

Along with forged money, people working in shops are also being warned of a growing number of people trying to run change scams.

In these the scammer may purchase a low value item with a large note, or else just try and get money changed in a shop.

“They are very skillful at confusing staff and ultimately end up leaving the store with more cash than they came in with,” gardaí warned.

Store owners are being advised to alert their staff and train them on how to spot these scams. They might also considering implementing a no-change policy.

For more information people should contact their local Garda CPO.