Gardaí warn of fake ‘movie money’ euro notes in circulation

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The Gardaí and the Revenue Commissioners have issued a joint warning of a large amount of novelty Euro notes in circulation.

These notes are often marked as “movie money” or “prop money” and bear a strong resemblance to genuine Euro notes, however they do not contain the security features.

Officers of the Revenue have seized €430,895 of these phoney euro notes in various denominations in mail centres recently.

Gardaí have warned businesses and members of the public who work with cash regularly to be aware of this fake money in circulation.

Business owner are being advised to alert their staff as well about the phoney notes.

It was emphasised by gardaí that use fraudulent currency to purchase goods or services is a crime which can carry a penalty of up to ten years in prison.

Anyone caught trying to pay with ‘prob money’ should be reported to gardaí immediately the statement said.

Detective Superintendent Michael Cryan of the Garda National Economic Crime Bureau has advised that “People need to be aware that such notes exist and at busy times, especially late at night, they need to exercise a little care and attention.

“These notes are easily identifiable if precautionary checks are made. Also people who try to tender such notes as real face prosecution, a possible prison sentence and a conviction, which is for life.”

“Such convictions have serious ramifications if one wanted to travel, to work in certain sectors and it can affect their credit rating”.