Gardaí set up two static checkpoints in Co Galway

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Two static checkpoints have been set up in Co Galway by An Garda Síochána, as part of a nationwide operation to encourage people to stay within their county during Level 3.

One fixed checkpoint is on the N84, while the other is in the vicinity of Castlegar. Non-static checkpoints have also been set up in Co Galway and across the country.

Gardaí say that delays are ‘likely’ on main routes where they have set up 132 ‘large-scale’ checkpoints, encouraging people not to travel beyond their county border unless for essential reasons.

An Taoiseach Micheál Martin confirmed yesterday that the government is exploring stronger enforcement measures to ensure people are following the Level 3 guidance.

Fines could therefore be introduced to enforce Operation Fanacht – or to act as a deterrent to those considering travelling for non-essential purposes.

Speaking about the nationwide operation, Commissioner Drew Harris said that An Garda Síochána’s priority is keeping people safe.

“This will be a major policing operation across the country with high visibility of Garda members to support public health measures,” he said.

“An Garda Síochána is encouraging people not to travel out of their county unless it is for essential purposes.

“We want to advise people that will be conducting major checkpoints on main routes and travelling by road… will be different. People using the roads are likely to face delays.”