Galwegians asked to try for a Plastic Free Week to combat waste

Galway daily news City Council invites Galwegians to try for a Plastic Free Week this month
Cllr Donal Lyons with Green schools comittee from Claddagh National School for launch of Plastic Free Week. Photograph by Aengus McMahon

Galway city is encouraging people to try for a Plastic Free Week this month.

The city council is running a Plastic Free Week from February 11 – 17 to raise awareness of how much plastic we consume.

People are asked to try and find alternatives to plastics during this week, particularly single use plastics that are a plague in terms of littering and environmental damage.

As part of this year’s initiative people are encouraged to Bring our Own Lunchbox for foods that are typically packaged in single-use plastics.

Local butchers in Galway have been invited to take part in this campaign.

Primary and Secondary Schools throughout the city will be provided with packs containing facts, ideas and images to prompt discussion and raise awareness and action during Plastic Free Week and beyond.

Schools, businesses and other organisations are invited to participate in the week and try and raise environmental awareness.

For more information about the week of how you can take part contact Fiona on 091 536400 or .