Galway West candidate Joe Loughnane suspended from PBP

Galway Daily news Joe Loughnane suspended from PBP

Galway West PBP candidate Joe Loughnane has been suspended from his party and is stepping down from all organisations he campaigns with.

Joe Loughnane has been suspended from PBP after he was accused by a woman of smashing her phone and spitting on her.

The party confirmed his suspension, with immediate effect, and said that he will face disciplinary action for this.

“The Galway branch of People Before Profit has confirmed that Loughnane has been suspended from the party and will face disciplinary action over his actions.

“The members of People Before Profit Galway are shocked and outraged to learn of the actions of Joe Loughnane.

“We send our solidarity and support to the young woman involved.

“It has come to light this morning that he has been physically aggressive with, and damaged the property of, a young woman.

“There is absolutely no place in a proudly socialist feminist party like People Before Profit for people who behave like he has. Disciplinary action has been initiated by party HQ and he is suspended from the party.

“He does not represent us,” the statement concluded.

Joe Loughnane issued an apology on twitter today after a woman said he smashed her phone and spat on her because she refused to give him her password.

He later released a statement which said “I am suspended from the party with immediate effect and will face disciplinary proceedings. I intend to resign after Roisin’s experience is dealt with officially.

There is nothing I can to say to excuse such behaviour. I should know better. I have been seeing a counsellor and will continue to do so.

“I want to take this opportunity to publicly apologise to Roisin and to ensure everyone that I accept responsibility for my actions.

“This type of behaviour is the very thing the politics I have tried to represent, rallies against. I have let down that politics, I have let down my party, I have let down all my supporters.

“I have let down the women who have supported me.

“I will be stepping down from all organisations I campaign with. I will be making every effort to ensure I fundamentally address how I can exhibit such behaviour while claiming to stand for equality.

Joe Loughnane is one of two Solidarity-PBP candidates running in Galway West alongside Conor Burke.