Fianna Fáil TD calls for necessary resources ahead of flooding

Galway daily news Eugene Murphy elected to the Seanad

Roscommon Galway TD Eugene Murphy has called on the government to ensure that all necessary resources are allocated to deal with the impending flooding.

“All indications are that as the snow begins to melt, flood waters will rise rapidly.  Given the volume of snow which fell in certain areas – particularly in Kildare, Wexford and Wicklow, the threat is severe, with flooding also expected in Cork, Kilkenny, Waterford and parts of Dublin.  Local authorities have been doing their best to keep on top of the situations, but certain counties may need additional resources to cope with the anticipated flood waters”, explained Deputy Murphy.

“I want to extend my gratitude to members of the emergency service, the Civil Defence, the Defence Forces and local volunteers, who have worked tirelessly with the authorities over the past few days to assist communities in the worst affected areas.  Community spirit is alive and well and these people are an example of everything that is good about this country.

“Now that the thaw is setting in, the threat of flooding is now very real and the government must address the massive underspend that has been allowed to accumulate over the past seven years, as well as setting up a national insurance scheme and accelerate the roll out of flood warning systems.

“The government has still not fully implemented specific pledges it made in January 2016, in the aftermath of Storms Desmond and Frank.  We’re still waiting on pilot home protection projects to be rolled out, as well as a national flood forecasting and warning service to be established.  The National Flood warning system is not due to be operational for another five years, but if recent weather events are an indication of things to come, then we need this system up and running as soon as is feasibly possible.

“This week will be another difficult one for our local authorities and emergency services and I am appealing to Minister Kevin Boxer Moran and Minister Eoghan Murphy to ensure all the necessary resources are made available to cope with the flooding that is expected over the coming days”.