Galway sock company celebrates first birthday by launching wearable art collection

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Galway socks company, Irish Socksciety, has celebrated its first birthday by joining forces with Irish Artist Shane O’Malley to launch its first artist edition socks.

 Irish Socksciety, which has made its way into the sock drawers of people all over Ireland, Europe and as far as Australia, was born out of love for Ireland but it has become the passion of co-founders Alex’s and Joanna’s lives.

Artist Shane O’Malley emerged from Ireland’s vibrant graffiti subculture and works in the mediums of paint, murals and art installations.

He stole Alex’s and Joanna’s hearts with the bold colours and simple geometric shapes to communicate challenging concepts.

O’Malley’s work focuses on the themes of identity, mental and emotional health, journey and self-hood, making it a very powerful pairing with the sock designers who believe that even socks can be a good medium to carry a happy and inspiring message.

“Although we are celebrating our first year in the socks business it feels like we’ve been doing it for many years,”said Joanna Zalech, co-owner of Irish Socksciety.

“It’s all down to the people, the laughs, the orders, the awards, the colour pallet, the letters and postal orders received from the eldest of fans and hugs received from the youngest, the press, the trade shows and all of the thousands of socks that the us two Polish gals have produced in the past months.”