Galway shoppers to go plastic and packaging free tomorrow

plastic free shopping

Shoppers in Galway city will have a chance to shop waste free tomorrow (Friday) as Recycling List Ireland joins forces with Minimal Waste Grocery to introduce a new concept of shopping – plastic and packaging free.

From 11am to 4pm, Jennie Jacques de Cisneros will introduce her Minimal Waste Grocery business to the Loving Galway Festival, at the Westside Library, Seamus Quirke Road.

The pop-up waste free grocery  business will sell everything from pasta to porridge, mouth wash to dental floss, laundry liquid to legumes, all without the need for packaging.

Declan Breen of Recycling List Ireland, which is supporting the minimal waste grocery tour, said Minimal Waste Grocery shopping highlights the amount of unnecessary packaging that makes up most of our weekly grocery shop.

“There is so much excessive packaging, and in particular plastic packaging, involved in our weekly shop that leads to unnecessary waste. This excessive packaging is costly to the environment and the consumer, so reducing it makes both environmental and economical sense,” he said.

“We have received numerous questions from consumers on how to reduce the amount of packaging involved in the weekly shop. Minimal Waste Grocery is a great way of achieving that goal.

“We would like to see even more retail businesses, and in particular our larger supermarkets, also take a lead from Minimal Waste Grocery and give consumers what they want by eliminating unnecessary packaging.”

Jennie Jacques de Cisneros set up Minimal Waste Grocery in June 2017, providing plastic free solutions to everyday essentials.

“I was irritated by the amount of packaging forced upon me every week as part of my grocery shop. I went looking for an alternative way to shop and when it wasn’t available I set up Minimal Waste Grocery,” she said.

“With Minimal Waste Grocery you bring your own jars or containers and we fill them with what every you require. You buy as little or as much as you need and are not constrained by package size, therefore minimising food wastage. It is more economical to shop this way as you buy only what you need and without packaging and branding you are keeping costs down. Also when you shop this way you are not contributing any more plastic to the world.”