Galway is Ireland’s second most wasp-infested county

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County Galway is the second most wasp-infested county in the country, a leading pest-control provider has claimed.

Galway accounted for ten percent of pest control company Rentokil’s call-outs over the summer, joined with Kildare and second only to Dublin.

The pest-control providers reported an increase of over 100 percent in the number of callouts for wasp infestations during July and August this year when compared to last summer.

Ireland’s record breaking temperatures this summer saw a steep rise in the number of home and business owners experiencing infestations from wasps.

Dr Moore said“Wasps are most active in the late summer/autumn months. In Ireland, the Common and German Wasp cause the most annoyance with their distinctive yellow and black body.

“If you are experiencing high numbers of wasps in your home or garden there is likely to be a nest nearby. Although for the most part this is not an issue at the beginning of the season, this can sometimes be problematic as mature nests in summer can contain thousands of wasps and the behaviour of the workers changes towards September, when they become more aggressive.

“To avoid stings and keep you and your family safe, the best course of action is to avoid the nest and consider having it treated.  You do not need to have the nest removed in its entirety”.

The company received 9 percent of its calls from Mayo, the fourth highest in the country.