Galway lotto players claimed €21 million in high-tier prizes since 2020

galway daily news Galway lotto players claim €21 million in high-tier prizes since 2020

Galway lotto players have together taken home more than €21 million in high-tier prizes in the past three years.

Figures from the National Lottery show that there have been 52 winners of high-tier Lotto prizes in Galway since the start of 2020, including six new millionaires.

This is according to the National Lottery ‘high tier prizes report’ which captures all draw based game prize wins (Lotto, EuroMillions, Daily Million, Telly Bingo & Millionaire Raffle).

This covers prizes in excess of €15,000 for regular tickets, or €10,000 for online players, from January 2020 until January 2023.

High-tier prize earnings in Galway during that period came to a total of €21,481,878, with the largest single prize being a whopping €7.3 million jackpot in April of 2020.

Other massive prizes in Galway during the last three years include a syndicate of street cleaners who won €5.5 million last August, and another syndicate which claimed €2.5 million in July of 2021.

Over the past three years, there have been 102 new Lotto millionaires in Ireland, with over 1,100 players sharing over €470 million alone in high tier prizes.

Since 2020, Dublin has unsurprisingly topped the charts for National Lottery wins with over €68 million paid out to 275 players, 22 of which won prizes in excess of €1 million.

In the last three years, ten separate millionaires were made in Co. Cork while Galway and Mayo have had six new millionaires each. 

Mayo’s biggest winners include the record-breaking Lotto jackpot win of €19.06 million which was claimed by a Mayo family syndicate in January 2021. 

Online players continued to win big for the past three years also with 194 winners claiming over €95 million in high tier prizes.

Included in these winners were 17 brand new millionaires, the biggest of which was a Dublin player who scooped a EuroMillions jackpot worth €49.5 million in July 2020.