Syndicate of street cleaners collects €5.5 million lotto jackpot!

Galway Daily news Lotto syndicate member almost left before €5.5m jackpot win
Newsagents celebrate news of €5.5 million Lotto jackpot ticket sale which was won by ten city council street cleaners. From left, Stephen Dowling, Ina Shearer, Alan Shearer, Conor Donoughue, National Lottery, Billy Shearer, shop owner, Liam Shearer, Leah Purcell, Denise Purcell, Karen Shearer and Maureen Connnell. Pic Iain McDonald / Mac Innes Photography

A group of Galway City Council street cleaners were at Lottery HQ in Dublin on Wednesday to collect their lotto jackpot prize worth €5,541,001.

The ten-man syndicate was formed almost twenty-five years ago, with all numbers chosen for the draw individual to each member.

The winning ticket was sold in Newspoint newsagent, Unit 25, Galway Shopping Centre, on the Headford Road on Sunday 31 of July.

One syndicate member spoke of how they had to keep the belief going after so many years.

“The lads thought about changing the numbers at one stage, but decided against making any changes,” he said.

“Just last Christmas, one member mentioned that he was going to leave the syndicate, but he was persuaded to stay on and was told it was only the price of a pint and a newspaper.

“Luckily, he stayed as the syndicate winning numbers appeared on the August 3rd Lottery draw.

“Someone said that we ‘cleaned-up’ and we did, but us lads clean up every day by ensuring the streets and parks in Galway city are spotless.”

Another member said the group is proud of their city, and unlike the ‘magnificent seven’ -these ‘magnificent ten’ can now all ride off into the sunset with their lottery win secured.

As there was no winner of the Lotto jackpot on Saturday 13th of August, Wednesday’s Lotto jackpot rolls towards an estimated €3 million.

As there was no winner Tuesday’s (16 August) EuroMillions Jackpot, Friday’s jackpot is set to roll to an estimated €75 Million.