Homelessness in Galway jumps 7.6% in latest report

Galway Daily news COPE Galway extremely worried at record homelessness levels

Homelessness in Galway has continued to climb with an increase of 7.6% recorded in the latest figures from the government.

The most recent homelessness report from the Department of Housing shows that there were 326 people in Galway without a home in November, up from 302 the most before.

Across the west region, which includes Mayo and Roscommon, there were 85 families in emergency accommodation, with a total of 215 children.

Both of those figures have gone up from October with an increase of one family and three kids.

Nationwide there were 6,696 homeless people in Ireland in November, which breaks down as 3,973 men and 2,723 women.

Those numbers include 882 people between the ages of 18 and 24, and a significant number of older people, with 165 individuals over the age of 65 in emergency accommodation.