Galway gardaí urge cyclists to secure their bikes

Galway Daily news More than 200 bikes stolen in Galway last year

Galway Gardaí have urged cyclists to remember to ensure the security of their bikes and to take appropriate safety measures on the road.

Gardaí have advised cyclists to lock their bikes to an immovable object using two locks, a D-Lock and a Cable Lock in an area with good natural surveillance when parking.

As an added precaution bike owners should record the frame number of their bike and take a clear picture of it.

This will be of great help in proving your ownership of the bike of it is ever stolen and later recovered.

This was some of the advice given by gardaí at a recent event at Galway Technical Institute where gardaí promoted bike safety and security.

When cyclists are on the they are advised to stay safe by wearing a high-viz vest and helmet, and by ensuring their bikes have good front and rear lights.