Fundraiser launched to support Galway Feminist Collective’s new food truck & library

galway daily news stirring the pot food truck

The Galway Feminist Collective has launched a fundraising campaign to support ‘Stirring the Pot’ – the group’s exciting new cooperative food business and social enterprise.

The local feminist group has been active since 2015 and is known for its events, protests, workshops, creative actions and The F-Word, Galway’s Feminist Festival.

Now it is focusing its energy on this new project, and is striving to make its cooperatively run and owned mobile food project and library a reality in 2021.

Stirring the Pot will offer healthy vegan and vegetarian meals from around the world made by amazing home cooks at a price that is affordable to everyone.

The food trailer will also double up as a mini feminist library where people can borrow books and zines written by women and by trans and gender non-conforming writers.

“Stirring the Pot will create meaningful opportunities of work and autonomy for those involved in it and connected to it,” said Maria Heschl, a member of GFC.

“We want to source our food from local small scale farmers and growers.

“From those ingredients we want to prepare healthy food for the local community and create a space where people can meet, eat, learn, read, connect and break down cultural divides.”

Jacinta Fay, also a member of GFC said that people’s support will help get the project on the road.

“We have a mobile catering trailer which we need to kit out. Your contribution will support us to renovate the trailer, buy supplies and get the business going.

“Any contribution big or small to the crowdfunder is really appreciated,” said Jacinta.

The group will be sharing the progress of the project on their social media accounts where you can see the renovation of the trailer so it is ready for markets this summer.

You can support the fundraiser HERE!