‘I’ll rob your house’ – repeat offender threatens Galway District Court Judge

Galway Daily news Further arrests in violent brawl investigation

“I’ll rob your house,” said Trevor Harlowe to Judge Mary Fahy in Galway District Court yesterday before being led away by Gardaí.

Harlowe, 42, of number 74 Corrach Bui in Rahoon was in the court yesterday for a number of traffic violations.

Judge Fahy sentenced him to eight months imprisonment citing his “totally reckless” driving behaviour – including getting caught for four violations over the past two years in four different vehicles, three of which were uninsured.

Harlowe had previously been disqualified from driving for two years in 2012.

He asked the judge “Eight months, for what?” before threatening to break in to her home.

Fahy appeared completely unfazed and carried on with her court duties immediately following the incident.