Galway Daily is now on Instagram to share the best of West!

Galway Daily news Galway Daily is now on Instagram

Building a direct connection with your audience is an important part of a modern media organisation, which is why Galway Daily is now on Instagram to make it easier than ever to let people engage with our content, have their own conversations surrounding news in Galway, and to promote all the incredible things about the best county in Ireland.

Join us on our new Galway Daily Instagram page for a daily look back at some of the most popular and engaging news of the day, check in on events happening around Galway City and County, and get a peek at some of the incredible up and coming artists in the west.

Now more than ever, people need to feel connected to one another, and reminded that even if we can’t see each other as often or as freely as we’d like, we’re still living in the same great county together, enjoying the same views, and sharing so many of the same experiences.

In the days ahead we’ll be asking people to share stories of how they’re getting their lives back to a semblance of normalcy, and enjoying the fruits of Galway as it opens back up.

Galway’s arts scene has always had strong grassroots, with budding musicians and more gaining recognition through appealing directly to audiences.

While it may be some time before Galway’s musicians will be able to get back to their normal gig scenes, we’ll be proving a platform for exciting new music in Galway.

Our new music writer Jake Tiernan will be spotlighting a Song of the Week on Instagram and our main site to showcase amazing who’ve built themselves up playing for the finely tuned ears of Galway.

Check in with us regularly to see more incredible news, events, music and more happening right here in Galway.