Galway pub installs devices which protect customers against viruses

galway daily news kings head galway city covid technology
Staff member Ross McCrystal with the innovative NV800 device. Photographer Boyd Challenger

The Kings Head has become the first pub in Galway city to install technology which disinfects the air against harmful viruses including coronavirus.

Six Novaerus air disinfection devices have been installed at the pub, which will inactivate 99.997% of the virus that causes COVID-19, as well as all other airborne viruses and bacteria.

The pub and bistro had been closed for 215 days since Christmas Eve 2020 before reopening on Monday 26 July for indoor dining and drinks.

In addition to installing the Irish-made disinfection devices, the Kings Head was also one of the first hospitality businesses in Galway to achieve the Fáilte Ireland Safety Charter.

galway daily news kings head galway city covid technology
Co-owner and manager Mary Grealish with the innovative NV800 device. Photo: Boyd Challenger

Mary Grealish of The Kings Head Pub and Bistro said that reopening on the 26 of July was very significant and has been the step forward they had been eagerly awaiting.

“We invested in the Novaerus devices as a proactive step for dis-infecting the air in our indoor spaces to make our premises safer for our staff and customers,” she said.

“This really underlines our commitment to creating an environment that is as safe as possible.”

Deirdre Devitt, CEO of Novaerus at McGreals, which distributes the devices in Ireland, said: “We know from global research that COVID-19 is airborne, so it is vital that we address the importance of air dis-infection and advance indoor safety measures as much as possible to give customers the confidence to return indoors for dining and socialising.

“This means reducing and preventing the spread of the virus by using a combination of protocols so we can thoroughly maximise our protection in indoor environments and keep businesses open.

“We are really delighted to be able to support Paul and Mary and the team at The Kings Head with a real solution for continued and long-term protection for their staff and customers health and wellbeing in their premises.

“The patented NanoStrike technology Novaerus has developed obliterates pathogens in the air at DNA level, in a sub-second time frame without generating any harmful by-products, so the air is clean and safe 24/7.”

The Novaerus range of devices are available in three sizes (NV 200, NV 800, and Defend 1050) catering for small to large spaces across all industry sectors.

They are sold in 65 countries worldwide, supporting industries with additional frontline protection to continue to operate safely.