Galway-based software firm acquired by Genesys

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Galway-based software firm Altocloud has been acquired by Genesys, with the US firm saying  this acquisition enables them to grow their AI expertise.

Genesys say that they are looking forward to further growing and investing in the Galway team in the foreseeable future.

Genesys says that Altocloud’s customer journey management solution pairs well with its Blended AI strategy, which combines AI with the ‘power of the human touch’.

This is furthered by Kate, the personification of Genesys AI, automation and machine learning, who helps customers and live agents solve problems faster and more efficiently.

The company believes that the acquisition of Galway-based Altocloud enables it to grow its AI expertise because “Altocloud has an incredibly talented and innovative team, and there’s no denying they’re a great addition to the Genesys organization both technically and culturally.”

Dr. Peter Graf, Chief Product Officer of Genesys said that from an architectural perspective, because Altocloud is a true cloud offering built upon microservices, it’s a perfect complement to thier development strategy for our three core offerings, PureEngage, PureConnect, and PureCloud.

“The Altocloud acquisition also gives Genesys a presence in an exciting emerging technology hub – Galway, Ireland. And, we look forward to further growing and investing in the Galway team in the foreseeable future.

“I could go on about what why this is such a great pairing, but to put it simply…we’re energized by the infusion of new talent and technology that has come into the Genesys fold and we extend a warm welcome to Team Altocloud!” said Dr Graf, in his blog which can be read here.