Galway has Ireland’s third highest level of drivers with penalty points

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Drivers in Galway were the third worst in Ireland this year for racking up penalty points on their licences.

According to figures released to there were 28,594 drivers in Galway with penalty points on their licences as of the end of September.

The only counties with a higher level of drivers with points on their licences were Dublin (106,545) and Cork (51,917).

The data from the Road Safety Authority shows that of those drivers in Galway with some number of penalty points, there were 42 with twelve points, and almost 7,000 drivers with more than three points.

Population is a significant factor in the number of drivers whom acquire points, with the lowest levels seen in Leitrim (2,904), and Longford (4,766).

The Journal reports that the number of drivers with points on their licences has declined by more than 13,000 since the same time in 2018, down to 516,390 this year.

Included in this list are 55,677 people with foreign driving licences the Road Safety Authority’s figures show.