Galway 2020 appoints Creative Director after eight month vacancy

Galway Daily news Galway 2020 appoints new Creative Director after eight month vacancy

Galway 2020 has appointed the creative company Artichoke to fulfill the Creative Director position which has been vacant for eight months.

Artichoke will act as the Creative Director of Galway 2020 under the leadership of its CEO and Artistic Director Helen Marriage.

The position of Creative Director at Galway 2020 has been vacant since the departure of Chris Baldwin at the end of last May.

Founded in 2005, Artichoke specialises in working with artists to create unique, large-scale public art experiences.

As part of the agreement Artichoke will also support the delivery of a significant fundraising drive as part of Galway 2020’s Partnership programme and help with other elements like audience development.

Patricia Philbin, CEO, Galway 2020 commented, “Artichoke’s proven track record of devising and producing extraordinary and ambitious large-scale events under the leadership of Helen Marriage positions the organisation perfectly for this strategically important role for Galway 2020.”

“Coupled with the vast expertise and creativity of the Galway 2020 team, we are excited about the ambitious and visionary display of arts and culture that we will deliver,” she added.

Artichoke is known in the arts world for its integrated approach to staging large-scale cultural events, shunning the traditional closed door venues of galleries and theatres for publix parks and plazas where they can reach the widest audience.

Helen Marriage said the company was thrilled to be working with Galway 2020 to deliver an artistic programme that exceeds expectations, and delivers a lasting legacy of economic impact and community engagement.

Artichoke is known for many innovative projects, and has been heavily involved in the Lumiere arts festivals in the UK in London, Durham, and Derry through the years.

Helen Marriage said they’re committed to making sure that 2020 will be “A truly memorable year for Galway as European Capital of Culture.”