Free food for front line medical staff offered by meal prep service


Meal prep delivery service Clean Cut Meals are providing front line medical workers with free food during the coronavirus pandemic.

Clean Cut Meals says it will deliver the meals to their places of work, free-of-charge.

The company, which delivers portion-controlled meals, says it is reaching out to front-line workers so they can ‘help ensure they are well nourished with healthy, fresh free food’.

Michael Dyer, Co-Owner of Clean Cut Meals, said: “This will keep contact to a minimum, as food will be delivered to them onsite but will ensure that they are getting nutritious food without any risk.

“Our healthcare workers need nutritious food in order to fuel them for the days ahead, all our meals are made to perform, fresh calorie-controlled meals that are always fresh and never frozen.”

Clean Cut Meals will be delivered into major hospitals from Monday, for any front line workers looking to find out more contact