Founder of AsIam to give a talk in NUIG today.

Adam Harris Founder AsIam

Founder of AsIam, Adam Harris,will today give a talk to NUIG students about the realities of what its like to live with Autism.

The talk will take place this afternoon at 4pm in the Bailey Allen Hall, NUI Galway.

AsIam aims to provide a one-stop shop for the Austism community in Ireland. AsIam sums up its aims under 4 key headings:

Educate – AsIam hopes that, through increasing and improving accessibility of information, it will equip people with Autism and their families to understand the condition better. Additionally they hope to articulate and effectively communicate issues of concern to the AS community to those working with people with the condition and the general public.

Empower – AsIam passionately believes in providing those in the AS community with the tools to reach their potential. The organisation believes that for too long those with Autism have been told what their needs are and what to do about them. AsIam aims to be a user-led initiative, developing projects and campaigns based on the issues brought forward by users, additionally it is hoped that through providing a platform it will help those affected by Autism to speak up about their concerns and to raise attention of issues of concern in their own lives.

Advocate – Acting as a hub for the Autism community in Ireland AsIam hopes to be able to draw on common areas of concern raised by users and to develop public awareness and policy campaigns around these issues.

Community – AsIam aims to provide a safe, pleasant space for the AS community to share experiences, concerns and ideas with others with similar experiences, breaking down the geographical and social isolation which has for so long plagued many people with Autism and their families.

Adam Harris spoke about why he founded AsIam,

I founded AsIam based on my own personal experiences of Aspergers Syndrome, a form of Autism, which I was diagnosed with at the age of 5. I am acutely aware of the challenges brought about in day to day life by the condition and am equally conscious of how fortunate I am to have benefited from early intervention and to be able to live as “normal” a life as possible.

AsIam is my effort to give something back to the As community, we hope that this site will very much be directed by the needs, views and concerns of those affected by Autism. We hope, in particular, to challenge the public to lean more about the condition and to change their perception of disabilities such as Autism.

For those interested in meeting the founder of AsIam, Adam will be in the Bailey Allen Hall at 4pm today.

This talk is being held for those who have direct contact with individuals with autism or if you just want to understand more, this is a great opportunity to understand Adams experiences from the inside outside.

There is a €3 entry fee for students, a €5 entry fee for staff and the doors will open at 3.45pm.

To find out more about AsIam you can go to