Farmers urged to think safety first and share roads

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Farmers are being urged to take extra care as the number of tractors, trailers and other farm machinery using the roads increases.

The appeal comes from the Road Safety Authority and the Irish Farmers Association as farmers and contractors across the county are gearing up for the first cut of silage to get underway.

Michael Rowland, Director Road Safety Research & Driver Education, RSA, said: “This is a very busy time of year for farmers with silage cutting underway.

“There are more tractors and trailers out using the roads, which means the risk of a collision involving a road user and farm machinery has increased.

“Motorists need to be on the lookout for tractors, trailers and other agricultural machinery exiting from fields and farm-yards. We should all expect the unexpected, as danger could literally be around the next corner.”

Drivers of agricultural vehicles are being reminded that they are subject to all road traffic legislation.

They are required to carry the appropriate license and farm vehicles are required to be taxed, insured and must be roadworthy, including fully operational lights front and rear.

IFA President, Joe Healy added: “I am appealing to everybody to be safety conscious during this busy period.

“If we cooperate, we can all share the roads. I would ask drivers of machinery to watch for traffic building up to the rear and to keep left if an opportunity arises to let traffic pass safely.

“For other road users, I would ask them to be patient and do not attempt to overtake unless it is safe to do so.”