Expansion plans for Joyce’s Supermarket Knocknacarra

Galway Daily news Tesco announce take over of Joyce's supermarkets

Plans have been submitted to the city council for an expansion of Joyce’s Supermarket, Knocknacarra which includes two new businesses.

The proposed extension does not involve any new construction, but consists of the use of a previously unused area of the shopping centre for an extension to the existing supermarket, a café, and a doctor’s surgery.

Along with a supermarket, the shopping centre at Shangort, Knocknacarra currently consists of a dentist, a chemist, hairdresser/beauty salon, launderette, coffee shop, and rooms for community use on the first floor.

The new development will also include the provision of additional car/bicycle parking, signage, an outdoor seating area associated with the café and all other associated site development and servicing works.

In total 194 car parking spaces and 40 bicycle spaces would be provided as part of this development.

“The rationale behind this extension is to enhance the customer experience at Joyce’s Supermarket and make the shopping experience a more comfortable experience for existing clientele,” the planning application states.

The new space would be used to widen existing aisles and reshaping the retail space to be more attractive to customers it is added.

There will be no change to the building’s footprint as part of this project, and no work will be done on the first floor of the building.

“It is considered that this development will make use of a vacant and underutilised part of the building and improve access to local facilities, particularly for those without access to private transport”.

Galway City Council is due to make a decision on this planning application by November 27.