Expansion of Doughiska housing estate rejected

Galway daily news

Plans to expand the Fionnuisce housing estate in Doughiska have been rejected by the city council.

Hope Street Investment Ltd applied for permission to build five additional terraced houses at the Doughiska estate as a revision to planning approval previously granted in 2000 and 2004.

The new houses would be accompanied by eight additional parking spaces.

Multiple objections to the expansion plans were received from local residents at Fionnuisce which said that there is already a parking shortage in the area that this would only make worse.

It was also said repeatedly that this development would result in a loss of open space and amenity areas for children in the estate.

The FCC Residents Association said that the proposal “would completely block off all vehicular and pedestrian access” to a playground include in Phase 2 of the development at Fionnuisce.

The RA added that “Residents are concerned about the increased traffic flow resulting from this proposed development”.

“The 8 proposed car parking spaces are clustered at the end of a cul de sac which is a popular play area for children”.

“Also, as this will be the only access point for the playground area situated behind the proposed development, the danger to pedestrians and children increases.”

One local homeowner objected to any plans for new development while the main estate is still incomplete almost 20 years after planning permission was first granted.

Galway city council ultimately rejected the planned expansion of the Doughiska estate.