Swimming ban at Ballyloughane beach due to bacteria

Galway Daily news Swimming ban at Ballyloughane Beach due to E. Coli

Galway City Council has issued a temporary swimming ban for Ballyloughane Beach after elevated bacteria levels were detected this week.

Water samples taken from the beach on August 9 found elevated bacteria levels following a period of heavy rainfall.

Further samples were taken on Wednesday, and an update is from the city council is expected on Friday when the results of these samples are delivered.

In the meantime, people at Ballyloughane Beach should avoid swimming there, especially if you have an open wound or are pregnant.

To reduce the risk of illness, the public are also advised against splashing or swallowing any water, and to wash their hands before handling any food.

Higher levels of bacteria are usually short-lived and most swimmers are unlikely to experience any illness.

The county council has also had a swimming ban in place at Barna recently after heavy rainfall caused bacteria levels to rise.