Galway City adopts climate change adaptation strategy

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Galway City Council has officially adopted a Climate Change Adaptation Strategy for the period from 2019 to 2024.

The strategy to prepare for the effects of climate change in the city and to try and mitigate negative impacts was unanimously adopted by the council at the monthly meeting for September.

A total of 24 amendments were attached to the draft strategy before it was voted on by the council.

The adoption of the Climate Adaptation Strategy 2019-2024 is a requirement under the National Adaptation Framework, which requires all Local Authorities to have one in place by the end of September 2019.

The draft was brought before the city council after a period of public consultation, and will now be finalised by the elected members before publication.

The Strategy contains 31 individual Adaptation Actions including sub-actions, covering Governance and Support, Critical Infrastructure and Buildings, Natural and Cultural Capital, Water Resources and Flood Risk Management, and Community Services.

The city council said that the adaptation measures contained within the strategy will be implemented over the next ten years to help cope with climate change.

The actions themselves have been prioritised for delivery, with the city council saying that many are achievable within five years.