An Post trialling green fuels in Galway


Galway has been part of a unique trial in Ireland, as An Post has been experimenting with sustainable fuels for their vehicles.

Since last year, the Mails and Parcels Delivery Unit in Galway has been piloting the use of HVO (Hydro-treated Vegetable Oil) as fuel.

A recently released annual Sustainability Report from An Post shows that thisnhas resulted in a 91.8% reduction in carbon emissions compared with diesel fuel.

HVO is a renewable fuel made from certified waste oils and fats.

Since September 2021, An Post trucks in Galway have travelled over 119,000km on HVO fuel.

Speaking at the launch of the report in Galway, Nicola Woods, Chief Transformation Officer, An Post said, “We’re one of the largest employers in Ireland, with one of the largest fleets, and operating the largest retail network in the country.”

“Having such deep roots in Irish life and a presence in every Irish community, our sustainability strategy is about so much more than ‘being green’.”

“What also matters for us is planning for the future to ensure we leave a positive mark on communities and society.”

Post plans to expand this scheme to Waterford and Cork in 2022, retrofitting tank and diesel pumps.

Chief Executive of An Post David McRedmond said that other efforts such as “protecting biodiversity, reducing packaging, and sourcing responsibly”, also form part of their approach to sustainability.

Overall, An Post have achieved a 26% reduction in emissions since 2009, per the report, with a goal of a 50% reduction by 2025.