Employers encouraged to consider advantages of Connected Hubs

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Minister Heather Humphreys has encouraged employers to consider the advantages that ConnectedHubs.ie offers staff returning to work over the next few months.

Speaking about the opportunities offered by the network, the Minister said now that restrictions are being eased, many employers are keen to offer a ‘blended working’ opportunity to staff.

She said that many people don’t want to work from their kitchen table or bedroom forever and that there needs to be clear lines between where ‘work life’ ends and ‘home life’ begins.

“Equally we know that people don’t want to go back to the days of the long commute and spending hours sitting in their car when they could be spending that time with their family,” said Minister Humphreys.

“Working from a hub in your local town or village is the optimum solution to both of these issues – it means there are clear demarcation lines between work and family life while at the same time removing the requirement for the long commute. It will also increase footfall in our rural town and villages.”

Minister Humphreys said that there is nationwide coverage with over 177 hubs already using the ConnectedHubs.ie platform and she expects this figure to increase to 400 by the end of 2022.

“My Department has invested millions of euro in funding the establishment of new remote working hub facilities and also in upgrading existing hub facilities. This has ensured that remote working hubs offer a modern, safe and convenient environment for workers all across the country.

“I welcome the legislation which the Tánaiste has brought forward today and I would encourage employers to look at utilising these hubs as a means to allow their staff to continue to work remotely into the future.

“The National Connected Hubs network, ConnectedHubs.ie, currently has 177 hubs using the platform. A further 280 hubs have already been mapped and will be invited to join the network over the coming months.”