10 Best Math Tools University Students Can Use


10 Best Math Tools for University Students

Doing math assignments is not always easy. Some tasks require specialized knowledge of formulas and rules that not every student has managed to master. Thus, if you’re stuck with some home task and have no clue about how to complete it on time, online help with assignment writing can become a great helper in this endeavor. Check the availability of authors and coverage of math topics, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the speed, professionalism, and accuracy of math assignment completion they offer. 

Once you need to perform some tasks on your own, it may be a good idea to use helpful calculation software. Do My Test For Me experts share a super-useful list of math tools they use to complete assignments, so you may probably find the one to your liking and simplify the math homework once and for all. 

#1 Khan Academy 

This free educational resource is a real transformation of the way math content is delivered. All topics are neatly organized, with so many opportunities to customize the learning material. Accordingly, you get a robust yet adaptive system to help you master math at your proficiency and speed. Moreover, you’re sure to enjoy the colorful graphics and user-friendly content organization, and understandable progress tracking. 

#2 CueThink 

You shouldn’t be alone in your math endeavors, and CueThink designers have taken care of it. This platform enables student collaboration in problem-solving, letting students create their own engaging learning experiences. The collaborative learning design sets this platform apart from the competitors, showing how student planning, strategizing, and community work contribute to better learning outcomes. 

#3 Math Nation 

Math studies can be real fun with Math Nation due to its excellent set of functions and features. Here you’ll find clear and engaging videos covering major math topics, many charismatic hosts excited by math. Moreover, you can get quick feedback via the discussion board. If you’re successful enough in math, you can even start mentoring others and get to new math heights in the community. 

#4 CK-12

CK-12 brings a math classroom closer to you, making the studies fun and interactive. Education is delivered through Google Classroom, which is much more understandable for modern students. The greatest part of it is the impressive customization potential, giving every student the ability to study at their own pace and cover math topics in their personal tempo. Teachers can experiment with material delivery in Flexbook 2.0, leaving you only with the data you need. 

#5 PhET Interactive Solutions 

The platform has gone an extra mile to add interactivity to math studies. There are many visual materials and interactive versions of static classroom materials, making the studies much more engaging and manageable. Notwithstanding the fact that the website is often criticized as outdated, there is still plenty of math content to find and study, simplifying the most challenging math concepts and topics. 

#6 Desmos 

Desmos can be regarded as a universal math tool combining the features of an advanced calculator (available for free while other software of this kind can cost you up to $100) and interactive, visually explicit simulations. If you still struggle to connect math formulas to real life, Desmos will help. Nevertheless, you might need some tutor support with complex exercises. 

#7 Virtual Nerd 

We live in a world of visual content, and Virtual Nerd appeals to students with the content they need. Here you’ll find hundreds of high-quality, simple video tutorials covering every math aspect. However, some students complain of the videos’ repetitiveness and the same format of all videos, making the process duller as they go. 

#8 GeoGebra 

This is a fantastic, valuable resource for those who need some 2D and 3D visualization support in the geometry studies. The tool is free, enabling you to access tons of useful exercises and materials at no cost. GeoGebra is also famous for easy-to-use, simple tutorials making algebra and geometry less frightening. 

#9 CanFigureIt Geometry 

This tool is quite good at fostering students’ critical thinking in the area of math by teaching them how to solve problems step by step. Notwithstanding the fact that the program looks complicated at first glance, you’re sure to love it. Besides, it’s a massive database of geometry proofs that can help you excel in your studies quickly. 

#10 Brilliant 

Brilliant is all about self-guided learning enabled by problem-solving and community work. Its built-in Wiki section contains answers to many math questions, while teachers can add customized tasks for their students. However, if you plan to use it, keep in mind that the platform is geared towards talented students with a passion for math. Regular students may find it too challenging. 

Now that you know all the options, whether turning to Sharpessay for fast and competent help or managing the task on your own with the help of handy math tools, you may excel in studies quicker. Remember that math is a complicated subject, so studying diligently and regularly is the only path to success.