Ecumenical memorial service at UHG to remember those lost to sickness

Galway daily news Ecumenical Memorial service to be held at UHG

Galway University Hospitals will be holding their annual Ecumenical Memorial Service at UHG in September to give grieving families a shared space to mourn.

Anne McKeown, Bereavement Liaison Officer at UHG said, “The aim of the service is to provide a spiritual space to support families in the grief they are experiencing in a supportive and empathetic environment.

“It is also an opportunity to meet other families and staff members who have shared the same journey.”

This is the ninth annual memorial service for families of those who’ve lost a loved one organised by GUH’s End of Life Care Committee.

This year’s memorial service will be held in the staff canteen of the Nurses Home at University Hospital Galway on Thursday, September 13 at 7pm.

It will be led by hospital staff with representatives from the Church of Ireland, Islamic, Catholic, and Methodist faiths.

Dr. Helen Greally, Director of Psychology and Support Services at Cancer Care West, will also be a guest at the memorial and will speak about ‘hope following loss’.

The eight services before this year have been well received by the families of those who’ve passed Ms McKeown said.

“The response from those who have attended previous services has been very positive. Families have spoken of the comfort they feel knowing that staff who cared for their deceased relatives have not forgotten them.”

For more information on the memorial service or to confirm attendance please contact one of the following members of the Committee:

Angela O’ Grady, Social Work Department 091 544089
Anne McKeown, Bereavement Liaison Officer 091 524222 or direct line 091 544823
Ger Kilkelly/James Geoghegan PAL’s 091 543210

Photo: Galway University Hospitals’ End of Life Care Committee