€1,273,000 allocated to county council for road maintenance

Galway Daily news Some traffic disruption is expected at the Galway-Roscommon county line today near Mountbellew due to roadworks taking place

€1,273,000 in finding has been granted to Galway County Council for road maintenance works at 10 spots around the county.

The funding from Transport Infrastructure Ireland was confirmed by Galway East TD Seán Canney under the Pavement Capital Maintenance.

Deputy Canney welcomed the funding, saying that multiple National roads around Galway are in need of resurfacing.

Resurfacing works will be done on the N66 at Castledaly and Gort, the N63 at Brownsgrove, Dunmore, and Loughgeorge, the N63 at Ballygar, and the N59 at Moycullen, Ballinakill, and Clilfden.

TII is responsible for road maintenance on 5,300km of tarmac around Ireland on 33 National Primary routes, and 32 National Secondary routes.

Every year a survey of national road surfaces is undertaken by TII using electronic, laser, and digital video equipment mounted on special vehicles.

They measure the deterioration of road surfaces, looking at factors like surface cracking, wheel ruts forming, and the loss of skid resistance.

Using the results of the survey and additional data gathered on traffic volume, projections are made on which roads will deteriorate quickest and need more urgent works.

But the task of maintaining our road networks is becoming more difficult and complicated over time, TII has warned.

Much of our road network is made up of ‘legacy’ roads that follow historic routes. On many of those, physical and environmental factors make it more difficult to perform roadworks on them.

In addition the traffic burden on Ireland’s road network has increased dramatically in the past few decades. Not only with more and more cars on the road, but heavy lorries and other vehicles.

This causes roads to deteriorate faster, and limits when repair works can be done without causing major traffic disruptions.

In addition to performing works itself, TII provides funding to local authorities to perform cyclical maintenance work on the road networks within their jurisdiction.