Drunk dancing in street tried to climb into woman’s car

Galway News - Courts - Drunk man tried to climb into woman's car

A Galway man tried to get into a woman’s car after she asked him to stop dancing in the middle of the street, the District Court heard last week.

Adrian Iacob pleaded guilty to harrassment and public order offenses as well as a handful of other charges including two counts of theft, obstruction, and begging.

The Fairgreen Hostel resident was drunk and dancing in the middle of Eglinton Street around 8pm on January 7 when a woman stopped her car and asked him to move.

He then verbally abused her and tried to open the rear door of the car, putting her in fear.

The 40-year-old pleaded guilty to stealing two bottles of merlot worth €32 from Centra on Forster Street in October last year.

He also attempted to steal a hip flask and a speaker worth €46.89 from TK Maxx on Prospect Hill last November, but was caught by security staff.

The property was recovered in a re-saleable condition.

Iacob was also charged with obstructing vehicles on two different occasions on the Quincentennial Bridge in November and again in December last year.

Gardaí found him walking between cars begging for money, hindering traffic at the busy intersection with the Headford Road.

Another obstruction offense occurred last December when guards found Iacob lying down on the pavement outside Supermacs in Eyre Square.

He has 22 previous convictions – many of them from Dublin.

Iacob’s solicitor noted that he hadn’t been in trouble in Ireland until last October, when his marriage of more than two years ended.

The man has no difficulties with the law when sober.

He had left Galway after being asked to leave Fairgreen Hostel, where he was staying.

Judge Mary Fahy gave him a sentence of four months for the offenses.