Drought continues to affect water supply in Inis Óirr

galway drought in heatwave

Inis Óirr remains the only area in Galway impacted by water shortages brought on by drought conditions due to hot weather and a lack of rainfall this summer.

Measures such as nighttime restrictions were introduced in 24 areas nationwide to protect water supplies, and there are around 60 more supplies being closely monitored by Irish Water.

Recent rainfall has resulted in a decrease in the number of schemes at risk of drought, but Irish Water has appealed to the public to continue to conserve water.

Tom Cuddy, Irish Water’s Head of Asset Operations, thanked people for their support in conserving water, particularly during the hot weather in mid-July.

Speaking about water conservation, he said that it can sometimes be difficult to know where to start, but that even small changes can make a significant difference.

“By reducing our water use, for example turning off the hose and avoiding power washing, we can all help ensure there is enough water for everyone as we go through the rest of the Summer and into Autumn,” he said.

“To help people learn more about saving water we have developed an easy-to-use conservation calculator so they can work out how much water they are currently saving and how they can conserve even more.

“The free calculator is available on the Irish Water website at www.water.ie/calculator where you can also find lots of useful water saving tips.”