Direct Provision centres deny people dignity and humanity – SocDems


Social Democrats have reiterated their call for Direct Provison to be abolished following a period of heightened fear within local communities about the setting up of new centres.

Social Democrats Councillor Owen Hanley spoke at the Galway Anti-Racism Network‘s march against Direct Provision centres and racism on Saturday, where he said that people are suffering due to ‘immature and inactive’ politics.

“Direct Provision is an institution that denies people their dignity and humanity. It denies their human rights. It cannot continue and we will not stand for it,” he said.

Councillor Hanley has tabled a motion to Galway City Council that will call for the closure of Galway-based Direct Provison centres.

“What we saw in Oughterard was cynical politicans and alt-right agigators fanning the flames of fear that Direct Provision creates to push their racist and exclusionary agenda. This is not reflective of the compassionate, welcoming majority of people in Ireland. We will not let their hate divide us.”

Yearly Direct Provision costs the State €80 million which goes into the privately run centres.

Social Democrats argue that these funds would be better spent on cost effective housing which would include community based housing for asylum seekers.

Hanley added: “Now is the time to move beyond politics. We must push aggressively for the abolition of Direct Provision and a cross-party workshop to build a non-partisan consensus for afterwards. We cannot let people suffer due to immature and inactive politics.”